Team Nightmare.

My worst experience working with a group was on a project to count for a large portion of my final grade. All members were initially enthusiastic and promised to do something, but post buying into numerous ignored messages and half-hearted shrugs, it started to feel like “one of those groups” again. I pulled through with an absurd amount of effort and one too many all-nighters.

Though we were having some trouble with the assignment, it wasn’t until I started hearing things like “Sweet, I didn’t do anything but now I can pass this class!” that I became bitter toward the group members themselves.

I ended up handling the situation very sloppily and immaturely. I feel at this time I could have done better managing it just amongst ourselves, but I dragged in random authority figures who only complicated what I had wanted to tell them. Do your work. Or, be respectful of the people who do it for you.


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