What I’m hoping to get out of Disease and Society.

I speak the truth when I say I haven’t struggled with something the way I struggle with speaking. Whether it is presenting work I’m well rehearsed in, having meaningful conversations about things I honestly care about, or even just making small talk with casual friends, I stumble the entire ride and can never seem to get myself together. This has caught me up in serious obstacles before, and as an adult in the future especially, it will surely be unacceptable.

That’s why when I walk out of Lab 207 in December, I have high hopes that I’ll be a more vocal person. PBL in particular may be the key here. If I can work up the courage to use the frequent presentations as a tool to draw me out of my shell, I’m sure I’ll be able to achieve some results within the semester. However, I’m aware it’s a gradual process, meaning I’ll have to continue practicing long after I’ve graduated in addition to giving each presentation my all. I plan to do so, and subsequently reap the fruits of my labor.

I don’t have any qualms with studying some funky diseases either.


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