Article Review 8.23.13.

How Racism Is Bad for Our Bodies via theatlantic

Stop and Frisk’ is a threat to public health on a large scale.

It goes without saying that those who are hyperaware of minority discrimination as opposed to those who are ignorant or simply invulnerable to it are prone to all sorts of negativity. Such negativity varies in severity, whether it be offense taken or physical discomfort resulting from the body being subjected to distress. So it isn’t surprising to hear that high blood pressure, adult-onset asthma, and other conditions have been on the rise since cases such as Trayvon’s, in which all of Black America was told that the lives of their children are worthless.

The discrimination that allows white cops to feel justified in their racially discriminating behavior has already been normalized in both white and communities of color through internalized racism (PoC rejecting each other as partners and looking for white partners in order to feel self-actualized) and “natural” aversion (PoC avoiding white cops even when they have not done anything) in. Stop-and-frisks especially have an obsolete feel to them. With innocent blacks and Latinos frisked most often, they don’t do much except allow corrupt cops a physical outlet for their racism. I can definitely see this contributing to the pressure  PoC experience to “act whiter.” In turn, this inspires paranoia, fear, and anger, all of which wreak havoc in the body.


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