Article Review 9.13.13.

Abused Goddesses, Orientalism and the Glamorization of Gender-Based Violence via thefeministwire

Violence isn’t glamorous.

Like the author of the article, my first glances at the images took me aback. I loved their power and expressiveness, and appreciated the call for help. On the other hand, I took slight note of possible problematic themes, but didn’t feel like I should speak for Indian women on culturally specific issues. I was caught between approval and disapproval.

Right now, I’m confident that the images do more harm than good. I feel they are normalizing gender-based violence and weakening goddesses to victims who need to be saved instead of needing to save people. This is problematic because they are idolized by hundreds of thousands of people. If goddesses accept abuse, what sort of message is being received by both females and males alike?


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