What I Learned from this Unit.

This unit, I learned most about three important historical epidemics. My classmates helped me further what I had already known about the bubonic plague and smallpox, and I did the same for them with leprosy. I learned from researching for my own podcast and display that the leprosy epidemic had existed since biblical times. Though resulting in sores, muscular atrophy, nerve damage, and other detrimental health effects, leprosy itself did not kill. It only weakened the immune system, allowing STAPH or gangrene to claim lives. Those who were lucky (or unlucky?) enough to survive only looked forward to being shunned and scorned by others. Sent away to colonies to live exclusively with folks afflicted with the same ailment, lepers overall had a very different experience than people who were killed by the plague or smallpox. Nowadays, it is known that approximately 95% of people bear natural immunity to the disease. Those who still manage to contract it can easily be treated with multi-drug therapy.


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