WHO Response Phases.

As a pandemic progresses, a government will respond with more drastic measures in accordance. Initially, outbreaks will be tracked and monitored, and any information gathered will be shared via technology. An overseas outbreak will result in contact initiated with WHO and a national declaration of the significance of the outbreak. Select ports in countries are closed down and travel is restricted for non-essential cases in order to best contain the spread of the disease. Most importantly, a vaccine undergoes production. The government looks outward until the disease is located within its country, at which point it shifts its focus inward. As soon as the vaccine is ready for public consumption, it is deployed to as many people as possible. By this time, if the pandemic has not quelled, it is expected that a certain amount of civil disorder will have affected the country. The government, in addition to reducing the health-related impact of the disease, also focuses on quieting this disorder and maintaining the country’s infrastructure.


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