On American Obesity.

I don’t believe obesity is an epidemic that needs to be eradicated for the good of humanity. I appreciate a society where people are taught to love themselves and be comfortable in the body that they have.

Obesity carries a strong social stigma, and getting rid of this stigma should be the initial campaign. Seeing as it is extremely difficult to lose weight, and even more difficult to maintain lost weight according to dozens of researchers, the journey to losing weight is an unrewarded mental torture.

However, I also realize that the situation differs greatly for people of color in America. They are often subjected to extreme poverty and have no agency in choosing what to eat. Thus, obesity can signify social standing. With working classes being too poor, too busy, and too unable to prepare an expensive, time consuming, healthy meal three times a day, it is no surprise that obesity will continue to grow with prevalence. If somebody really feels so personally victimized by other people doing their own thing in their own body, maybe he or she should start by using their funds to actively feed local families instead of using them to market and campaign to the middle class.


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