Childhood obesity graphic.

I feel this graphic exaggerates these statistics as inherently terrible, when in reality, they are neither positive nor negative consequences of rapid technological advancement. Why don’t we focus on how many people can now access television and the internet?

Taking away fast food chains and sodas will only transform childhood obesity into childhood extreme hunger and starvation. Of course, I don’t mean we should be satisfied with these horrible living conditions for poorer people, and by all means should provide aid to people who cannot afford to pay money or time for healthier meals. However, these campaigns don’t mean a thing. If obesity really bothers you so much, then don’t be obese. It isn’t anyone’s job to body-police others.

The graphic itself does not say enough about conditions which may lead to childhood obesity, and gives off the impression that all obese people are self-indulgent and have no self-control, freely helping themselves to gallons of soda and hours of TV on end. Not everyone is available to give up cheap, filling food or abandon long workshifts to entertain children tirelessly.


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