Poverty and Obesity.

The link between poverty and obesity is so prevalent that to say it doesn’t exist is classist and rude. It shouldn’t be a maybe-maybe not thing that the podcast seems to suggest. However, it’s a matter of time as well as money. Not everyone has the ability to pour time into making a meal when they have to work, pay bills, and take care of family instead. Eating healthy is simply getting harder for a variety of reasons, and is soon to become a thing of the past for lower and lower-middle classes. Instead of trying to fight it through passive means, such as public education. What is the middle class going to do about this problem? Why even “educate” obese people themselves? Telling them they are obese is old news to their ears, and doesn’t give them any means of making them less so. These campaigns also act like being underweight is somehow preferable to being overweight, when in reality both are just as unhealthy. In the end, I think this just comes down to just a matter of aesthetics. Thus, I’d rather people say that instead of claiming to care solely for an obese individual’s health when that is likely not the case.


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