What I’d like to see in the cafeteria.

I have minimal interest in what the school serves for lunch. I understand that lunches are restricted by the school budget, and that the school cannot afford to exceed this budget to fund healthy, quality meals that may or may not be thrown away untouched. However, I’d ideally like to see the cafeteria try regardless. Its effort won’t go unrewarded as many children still consume school lunches as one of their three major meals five days a week, and thus offering only unhealthy meals can set a child up for critical health problems. The daily reheated pizza, repackaged canned fruit, and mass-boiled vegetables only vaguely resemble a food pyramid. If, in its place, the cafeteria could serve health-conscious meals with a bit more effort, it wouldn’t be long before rates of child obesity begin to drop. These meals wouldn’t be outlandishly different from what is already being served, just better quality. Organic, whole wheat, freshly baked pizza, a variety of fruits diced five minutes before serving, and vegetables prepared with greater care.

Given this sort of plainly positive, straightforward result, I note the ridiculousness of those who cannot stand the notion of people being obese, yet do nothing productive to stop it. Though they care so much about the “health of obese children,” they don’t want to fund healthy school lunches to make them cheap and accessible. Instead, they take away vending machines and unhealthy snacks but do not offer a viable replacement, opting to starve children instead of letting them eat what makes them happy.


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