How we got to a place where 1/3 of Americans have an STD.

Not many realize the prevalence of STDs in America. The likelihood of encountering a person with an STD is over 30%. While this is undeniably a terrible, possibly growing number, it is a necessary consequence of societal development.

Starting centuries back, the education of women opened windows to work and closed them to a life restricted to childbirth, childcare, and other forms of domesticity. No longer having children at young ages, contraception was invented for sex for pleasure over impregnation. However, the sex positive revolution this sparked didn’t mean that everyone used contraception (most importantly, condoms). Sex was encouraged, but not required to be made safe. Many catch STDs because they don’t wear condoms or get tested regularly. We ended up here, in a situation in which a large chunk of the population has been infected but people are still hesitant to engage in safe practices.


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