The Consequences of One Night.

One night, no matter how great, will never be worth the price you may be forced to pay. Everyone can contract STDs from their unsafe sexual encounters, but girls especially, run twice the risk of negative consequences as boys do. Accidental pregnancies can be complicated because they can’t be simply treated and cured like some STDs can be, and if not aborted or miscarried, the resulting babies will continue to impact the girl’s life for as long as she lives. Teenagers don’t have the money, time, or experience to be taking care of a baby. They will have a surplus of difficulties continuing their education as well. 30% of teen girls attributed their pregnancies to the reason as to why they dropped out of school.

1/3 of Americans have an STD. The likelihood of encountering an infected individual for one night is thus too high to risk. STD contraction, contrary to popular belief, does not necessarily include ejaculation or penetration. You can catch an STD through oral sex and even saliva. Some can be treated if they are bacterial while viral infections, such as HIV, cannot. Regardless of the nature of your infection, you need to see a medical professional immediately if you suspect you have contracted an STD because some symptoms don’t show up for a period of time. If left untreated, people may become infertile and suffer other long-lasting damage to their bodies. Getting cured once does not assure your immunity forever either.

Unprotected sex is dangerous and not worth it. Before you become sexually active, ensure that you know your partners, get tested regularly, use contraception and infection prevention aids such as condoms and birth control, and have laid out plans for yourself in case of the worst.


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