On the racialization of poverty.

Living areas of high poverty are rarely dominated by white people. More often than not, they are overflowing with black and brown communities. The levels of poverty that seem to affect people of color occur far more frequently and disproportionately that seems fair.

Systemic racism plays a large role in inspiring ethno-racial low income and the resulting problems of an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of education, homelessness, and joblessness. Discrimination, a prevalent factor, flat out prevents people of color from obtaining jobs from white people of, more likely, higher standing in the workplace. This occurs despite the applicant’s qualifications. In fact, white men with a criminal record are more likely to get a call back than qualified black men. As if finding any excuse to not hire a person of color, petty, racialized nitpicking is all too common. “Name too ghetto,” or “Accent too strong.” When they do successfully obtain a job, they make fewer cents to the dollar as compared to white women, much less white men.

Even the societal expectation that black and latino people are supposed to be poor plays a role in keeping them submerged under the poverty line. What is the message received when you tell people they should work hard enough to become successful and escape poverty, and then arrest them when they have enough money to buy a belt? Defensive groundless suspicion of innocents have normalized white supremacy in economic racism.


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